Certis24 founder – Chris Stevens – is an experienced, senior director / executive in the worldwide postal, parcels, fulfilment and supply chain logistics sectors, where his reputation as a thought leader in the eCommerce industry is recognized across continents.

He is a proven business builder and developer, at ease operating at the highest levels globally, having extensive ‘real-life’ experience throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.  Chris’s network of contacts, partners and industry leaders is first class and will help eCommerce operators and e-retailers broaden their scope and expand cross-border.

Certis24 is founded to fill the gap and business need between the numerous eCommerce and postal consultants in the global market, where the front-line implementation and operation of strategies and plans is often left to others to enact.  This is the key area of differentiation for Certis24.

The company shares the same passion and drive as its founder for cross-border, international development, operational implementation and communication in the fast-growing eCommerce and logistics sectors.

Contact chris@certis24.com to see how we can assist and support you.