Services & Solutions

Certis24 concentrates on four main activity areas:
  • Strategy and Research
  • Operations Management and New Partner Networks
  • Supply Chain, Fulfilment and Logistics
  • Market Entry and International Expansion

Certis24 is dedicated to the eCommerce and logistics industries, with a mission to help companies – service providers and e-retailers/brands – capitalize on the exciting opportunities today and that lie ahead.  The orientation is towards facilitating international and cross-border commerce.

We provide a series of targeted, bespoke solutions and services for companies with implementation always at the core.


We develop eCommerce strategies for operators and companies to help them align their direction towards capitalizing on eCommerce growth and in particular the cross-border needs and requirements of international customers.

Postal operators, parcels companies and transport and logistics organizations must adjust and adapt their services and solutions to ensure that their service offerings are relevant and provide operations of the highest quality and consistency.

Operations Management

Certis24 differentiates itself from the competition by having a dedicated focus on implementation rather than just the theoretical.  A core activity is assessing and managing final mile carrier selection.

We develop and manage partner service level agreements, and use our extensive network to help companies (postal operators, private sector parcels and logistics companies) select partners that can provide new distribution channels – domestically and internationally.

Supply Chain & Logistics

eCommerce relies massively on effective fulfilment operations.  Customers spend a great deal of time in researching, selecting and ordering products that fit their needs and desires.  Having the right fulfilment partner in place to handle the warehousing, pick and pack and distribution operations accurately and promptly is a vital part of the eCommerce supply chain.

Inbound logistics through effective management of ocean (sea) and air logistics are important aspects of the extended value chain.  Certis24 and its partners assess, recommend and manage the best partners to fulfil this linehaul part of the eCommerce chain.

Market Entry

With eCommerce now being a central function of the multi-channel retail experience, operators and e-tailers/brands are looking to exploit international and cross-border openings and opportunities.

Certis24 is ideally positioned to use its global experience and expertise to help companies make the move into new markets.  Our activities include market analysis, assessment and the development with clients of workable strategies and plans to help them make the journey to capture new customers and build market share.

Here is a visual representation of the coverage we can provide…