Operations Management

According to Forrester’s eCommerce report for MetaPack (2014), the fulfilment of online orders is a challenge for retailers, especially as customer satisfaction and repeat purchasing are in the hands of delivery carrier partners.  Ensuring the operations performance meets consistently the expectations of e-retailers is a key area of focus for carriers involved in the eCommerce value chain.   Retailers are increasingly demanding of their logistics partners to offer greater flexibility in delivery including the ability to choose between speed, convenience and cost of delivery.

Certis24 specializes in helping eCommerce retailers, brands and postal/parcels operators in the following fields of operations activity:


Final Mile Carrier Selection and Negotiation

Trust, convenience and reliability are critical in eCommerce.  In terms of reliability, consumers are becoming more and more demanding of tracking capabilities of their parcels.  Choosing the right carrier is vital.  An individual carrier may not always be able to provide the full range of delivery options to customers.  Certis24 helps in partner selection and supports retailers and operators with their negotiation to achieve the best mix of service and price.  We help to evaluate the capabilities of preferred carriers to ensure they keep up with changing expectations and demands of e-retailers


Partner Management and Quality Assurance

Delivery is a crucial part of the eCommerce journey, offering retailers the chance to differentiate and build customer loyalty.  Ensuring that delivery partners have the necessary resources, quality management policies and reporting mechanisms in place is essential.  This is especially important in the postal and parcels sector as B2C eCommerce volumes continue to grow.  Certis24 provides support in helping to devise and implement service performance management, quality assurance and reporting tools.


Postal, Parcels and New Distribution Channels

As eCommerce volumes increase, including cross-border online sales, the emergence of new, alternative delivery options means that consumers have control in their hands.  Leading postal operators are forming ventures with private sector delivery partners to offer a mix of hybrid solutions designed to enhance choice and improve service.   New distribution options include home delivery, collect-in-store, delivery to a pick-up point, delivery to workplace and delivery to a parcel locker.  Returns management is a key selection criterion in the eCommerce sector.  Certis24 helps retailers and operators assess which model or combination of solutions is right for your business.