Certis24 is dedicated towards the fast-growing and internationally expanding eCommerce sector. We help companies develop and implement workable strategies to capitalize upon new opportunities that the eCommerce sector offers. Our primary focus is on supporting service providers – postal operators, parcels companies, fulfilment management specialists, logistics operations and supply chain organizations.

The growth of eCommerce is fundamentally changing the nature of the core business of postal operators. To capture maximum value from the new eCommerce opportunities, posts need to ensure they grow and evolve as fast as the market, creating sustainable value across all segments of the market. Postal operators are enacting different strategies and approaches to overcome barriers and to meet evolving customer demands. These include alternative delivery network options in collaboration with private sector partners, click and collect solutions, simple returns mechanisms enhanced tracking and expansion into cross-border business. The cost of last mile delivery is a key issue for postal operators.


E-Commerce strategy & Implementation

As eCommerce continues its growth (especially cross-border) all companies should regularly review their strategy to keep pace with rapid change.

Brands, retailers and marketplaces are now seeking value-based innovative cross-border eCommerce solutions, beyond just a competitive price.  Increasingly, the marketplaces are moving into physical logistics management, and are thereby competing against their service partners.

Postal operators, parcels companies, last mile delivery specialists, transport, logistics and fulfilment organizations must adjust and adapt their services and solutions to that changing environment.

Certis24 provides practical strategy, support and implementation to help companies respond to and meet the challenges of the new eCommerce environment.


Business Development & Sales Support

In addition to developing workable and pragmatic business strategies, postal operators and companies engaged in cross-border eCommerce logistics require experienced business development and sales support.

Certis24 provides access to its partner networks to promote targeted business development services.

Independent sales support is a key strength where Certis24 undertakes customer-focused sales activities to help companies achieve profitable growth. We act as an embedded resource within an organization’s existing structure.


Product Concept, Development & Implementation

Certis24 assists eCommerce operators (private companies, postal operators, fulfilment companies) with the design and development of product concepts that respond to the needs of international eCommerce customers.

We are committed to helping postal operators, parcels companies and transport and logistics organizations exploit new product opportunities in cross-border, global eCommerce logistics.

We offer a range of best-in-class delivery network partners across the world (please refer to the Network graphic below for more information on partnership solutions by region).

Conceiving and implementing best-practice international product concepts is a Certis24 core competence.


Postal Sector Insights, Research & Strategy

Certis24 provides market-leading, in-depth access to postal trends, strategies and key developments on a worldwide basis.

The rapidly-changing and evolving postal sector face the dual challenges of core mail product decline coupled with the new demands of eCommerce packet and parcels growth; both nationally and cross-border.  Market consolidation and pricing are core issues to be addressed.

Our background of front-line senior management experience, extensive knowledge base and networks always ensures that our customers benefit from pragmatic, realistic advice on how best to enter and exploit international distribution markets.

Certis24 can offer access to postal operators and how to establish effective and practical working relationships with them.

Building new products combining the best of the postal sector delivery networks and private operators is an area of specialization.