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Certis24 is a UK-based strategic consulting, business development and advisory company that serves the dynamic worldwide eCommerce parcels, postal, fulfilment and supply chain logistics industries.

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Founded by Chris Stevens in 2015, Certis24 supports and partners with stakeholders engaged in or seeking to enter the global eCommerce industry.

Certis24 differs from other consulting organisations in that its approach focuses on actual implementation and real-life challenges rather than just the purely theoretical. With extensive experience, global network connections and a wide range of business partners in key international regions, the objective is always to guide and support organizations to enable and enhance their global, cross-border commerce and business development activities.

Since 2016, Certis24 has undertaken numerous projects and assignments in the UK, Europe, China, wider Asia-Pacific, North America, Central and South America, the Middle East, and now increasingly in Africa.  The common theme is to help organizations understand the market, the structural changes underway and how they should respond to future challenges to grow their business profitably.  Proactive business development is a core focus of what we do.

Global eCommerce market revenue is projected to have reached US$4.147tn in 2022, and is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2025) of 11.35% (Statista), resulting in a projected market volume of US$5.726tn by 2025.  With a projected market volume of US$1.412tn in 2022, China generates most revenue.

By 2025, the number of global eCommerce market users is expected to amount to 4.877m.

With a projected global average growth rate of nearly 10% between 2018-2022, the fastest-growing online markets stretch from Asia-Pacific to the Middle East and South Africa.  Strong growth is also being experienced in the more mature markets in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

The cross-border eCommerce landscape is changing rapidly, and 2021 saw a myriad of developments, new rules and legislation that are having a significant impact.  These changes include: the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions and challenges, the STOP Act in the USA, ISC2, the EU VAT package (including IOSS implementation), the new (postal) terminal dues self-declared rates model and the full impacts of the UK’s Brexit.  These changes place much greater focus on the effective management of fully-compliant data in the supply chain and physical logistics channels to reach international markets.  Certis24 always supports its client partners in navigating a comprehensive understanding and management of these key changes, and how to proactively respond and grow business.

Logistics, shipping and returns are key in global eCommerce and shoppers always check the cost of shipping before confirming an online purchase.  Certis24 assists both operators and e-tailers in helping them improve and enhance their eCommerce supply chains to ensure that the shoppers’ journey to ‘check-out’ is based on fact and delivery promises that can be met.  Thereby, shipping becomes an area of competitive advantage.  We also provide ‘new market entry’ consultancy to eCommerce brands requiring international expansion.

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Certis24 is dedicated towards the fast-growing and internationally expanding eCommerce sector.  We help companies develop and implement workable strategies to capitalize upon new opportunities that the eCommerce sector offers.

Operations Management

According to Forrester’s eCommerce report for MetaPack (2014), the fulfilment of online orders is a challenge for retailers, especially as customer satisfaction and repeat purchasing are in the hands of delivery carrier partners.

Supply Chain & Logistics

The eCommerce fulfilment supply chain embraces a wide range of activities ranging from systems integration, goods receipt, warehousing, pick and pack, personalization of orders, through to carriage and returns.

Market Entry

Certis24 can help eCommerce retailers and brands with their market entry research, analysis and implementation strategies to exploit the rapid growth in this industry. eCommerce differs around the world.

Over 30 years’ experience at senior executive level in the postal, parcels, express, forwarding and logistics sectors

As CEO and founder of Certis24, Chris Stevens has over 30 years’ experience at senior executive level in the postal, parcels, express, forwarding and logistics sectors

Chris has worked in the UK, Belgium and France.  He has managed operations in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and North America.

Certis24, thus has relevant and current global experience of the dynamic postal and eCommerce sectors.

Certis24 Partners

Global experience & connections

Chris has managed operations in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and North America.

Over the past four years, Chris (Certis24) has undertaken a series of global business development and strategy projects for private couriers, logistics groups and postal operators.

Our client partners have retained us to establish new worldwide delivery and fulfillment agreements in the eCommerce sector.

Assignments have been undertaken in the UK, mainland Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, North America, South America, the Middle East, India, and sub-Saharan Africa.

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